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I am running for Palm Desert City Council because we are facing uncertain economic times. We need responsible leadership who will not sell out this community’s residents to outside investors and developers.

As a 29-year Palm Desert resident and local business owner, I will put our city first. We all love our community for its wonderful schools, safe streets, prosperous businesses, and family-friendly neighborhoods. To maintain our incredible quality of life we must stand firm on short-term rentals and preserve the prestige of El Paseo.   We need to focus on building a resilient economy, developing our four-year university, and fulfilling the potential of north Palm Desert.

​As a business owner, I have what it takes to survive tough times and thrive in a strong economy. Palm Desert is a community that deserves committed leadership.  It’s our home."

​Evan Trubee
Palm Desert
June 26th,  2022


Quality of Life

- Maintain our tradition of fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets and strong reserves.

- Refuse to sell out our beautiful city for a quick fix in budget shortfalls.

- Fulfilling the potential of north Palm Desert.

Economic Independence

- Developing our local 4-year university to include high-demand degrees, including cyber security and engineering.

-Establish an entrepreneurship program for young, underrepresented business owners.

- Incentivize new businesses to open in our city.

Safe Streets

- Continuing our strong relationship with the Sheriff’s Department.

- Evaluating public safety measures as we transition into a post-COVID-19 era.

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